[:zh]有关2018年bell 的特别的活动[:en]Special Deals for 2018 at Bell [:]

[:zh]星期一:任何一款披萨加所有无酒精的饮料 =78元


星期三:任何一位女士走近bell 都将奉上一杯我们台卡上的鸡尾酒免费。

星期四:鸡排配色拉和薯条加一杯500毫升生啤  :98元

星期日:我们时代生啤全天欢乐时光,“买一送一”[:en]Monday Lunch deal :Any kind of Pizza and a soft drink or coffee for 78rmb

Tuesday taco deal: Any kind of Tacos plus a bottle of Corona for 88rmb

Wednesday:for all the ladies who will be at bell, you can choose one cocktail for the happy hour card for FREE.

Thursday :Chicken Schnitzel plus salad and french fries with a Big glass of stella beer for 98rmb .

Sunday:we offer Stella beer all day for” Happy Hour” Buy 1 get 1 “FREE “.

*A big glass of stella beer is 500ml.[:]