[:zh]bell的故事[:en]Bell Bar History [:]

[:zh]BELL 的意思是“钟,铃铛。门铃” 在英文里就是一个普普通通的BELL , 而在我们中文里可以翻译成很多种意思。 很多人经常问我为什么叫”BELL”. 而我的回答只能是一个简简单单的答案“因为我喜欢铃铛” 。铃铛的声音和教堂的钟声和那上海外滩大闹钟的声音都让我高兴而有可以找到平静的感觉,应该是这样的感觉让我有了“Bell”吧。

曾经的BELL 只有10平米。 那是一个农村年轻姑娘的梦,那是一个农村姑娘的执着,曾经的她是做服装的,突然有一天她告诉自己想有一家咖啡吧,应该叫”BELL ” . 所以在2006年的六月一日那天她给自己送了一份礼物。这是她有生以来给自己送的最好的礼物。 她开心,她兴奋,因为她有了自己的”BELL ” .就这样她执着的朝自己的梦走了下去,到今天她还在坚持着自己的梦,就这样”BELL ” 从10平米变成了百平米的一栋洋房,而她也从一个人的坚持有了自己的团对,她和她的团队们还在坚持不懈的努力着。 亲爱的新老顾客我们会加油的!


Bell means “clock , door bell. Bell” in English is an ordinary BELL, and in our Chinese can be translated into a variety of meanings. Many people often ask me why I call “BELL BAR” and my answer can only be a simple answer “because I like bells.”  the church bells and the Shanghai Bund big alarm clock sound makes me happy and make me feel calm and peaceful, so that’s why I made the Bar name “BELL BAR”. In the beginning “BELL BAR” is only 10 square meters. It is a countryside girl’s dream, it’s her obsession. She started with a clothing shop, and one day she told herself she want to have a coffee bar and it should be named “BELL CAFE&BAR”. So in June  2006  she gave herself a present. This is the best gift she has ever given herself. She was happy, she was excited, because she has her BELL CAFE &BAR. From beginning she was working along ,during the past 10 years bell grew from 10 square  meters until the bar it is today, now BELL BAR covers a whole building . She is not working alone any more , she got her own Bell Bar team .