[:zh]欢迎您来BellBar[:en]Welcome to BellBar[:]

[:zh]bell藏在泰康路248弄里的一个老弄堂里,也就是现在人称之为“田子坊”,bell咖啡厅&酒吧是上海的繁忙的街道上的弄堂尽头,当你来田子坊漫步时很有可能你就会在某个转弯的尽头发现bell ,bell 是一个舒适的藏身处在石库门小巷的老法租界里,在这里你可以喝到美味的咖啡&茶或一杯冰啤酒,我们有好几层楼面你几乎可以任何一天的时间在这里打发掉,你也可以查看我们丰富的葡萄酒或享受一些我们熟练制备的混合饮料,我们还有很多客人募捐的书籍,欢迎你可以阅读,
bell 咖啡馆&酒吧是每天从早上11点-凌晨02点都开放的,不仅你可以感受到白天的田子坊&bell ,你也可以感受一下夜晚的bell .[:en]Tucked away in lane 248 at Taikang Road, Bell Cafe and Bar is a cosy hideout from the busy streets of Shanghai. A place to relax after a day out strolling the Shikumen lanes in the old French concession.

You can pop in for coffee, tea or an ice cold beer almost any time of the day. You can also check our extensive wine list or enjoy some of our expertly prepared mixed drinks.

Bell Cafe and Bar is open from early afternoon and is also one of the few bars staying open late at night in the Taikang road area.[:]