Bell Bar History

Bell means “clock , door bell. Bell” in English is an ordinary BELL, and in our Chinese can be translated into a variety of meanings. Many people often ask me why I call “BELL BAR” and my answer can only be a simple answer “because I like bells.”  the church bells and the Shanghai Bund big alarm clock sound makes me happy and make me feel calm and peaceful, so that’s why I made the Bar name “BELL BAR”. In the beginning “BELL BAR” is only 10 square meters. It is a countryside girl’s dream, it’s her obsession. She started with a clothing shop, and one day she told herself she want to have a coffee bar and it should be named “BELL CAFE&BAR”. So in June  2006  she gave herself a present. This is the best gift she has ever given herself. She was happy, she was excited, because she has her BELL CAFE &BAR. From beginning she was working along ,during the past 10 years bell grew from 10 square  meters until the bar it is today, now BELL BAR covers a whole building . She is not working alone any more , she got her own Bell Bar team .